US Samurais in Bruyeres

Here is a movie in Japanese but after 42 minutes there are incredible footage of the Capture of Bruyeres and the rescue of the Lost Battalion

Bruyeres 442nd Memorial erected in 1947 by my grandfather Charles Etienne Deputy Mayor and Mayor Louis Gillon. The all story of the relation ship between Bruyeres-in-Vosges France and Honolulu Hawaii-USA start here in the Helledraye Forest and is a very important stop in the Peace and Freedom Trail that I made in 1989.

U.S.  Samurais in Bruyeres 

People of France and

Japanese Americans: Incredible story

375 pages - 950 pictures


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The First line of this book means a lot:

This book is not a novel: All facts, names, locations and dates are authentic.

The first part covers the Battle of Bruyeres and the rescue of the Lost Battalion. One of the ten major Battles in U.S. Military History won by the Most decorated Unit of the US Army, the 100th/442nd RCT.

The second part detail the relationship between the Americans of Japanese Ancestry and the people of Bruyeres with some extra.

History of Bruyeres and Honolulu, sister cities

Visit to Paradise in 1976 with beautiful pictures of different Hawaiian Islands

History of the Nisei generation:

Pearl Harbor, the concentration camps for AJA, Go for broke, the Military Intelligence Service untold story, the liberation of the Prisoners of Dachau first nazi concentration camp by the 522nd Field Artillery.

The 100th/442nd Monuments

The Exhibit in the Smithsonian for the Bicentennial of the US Constitution

The Redress Movement and the role played by the people of Bruyeres to have President Reagan to sign Civil Liberty Act 442.

The Peace and Freedom trail of the 100th/442nd in Bruyeres

and more....

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