Official presentation of my new book Punchbowl - Arlington of the Pacific at the Hale Koa Hotel. Left to right:

Debbie Young (Realtor), Benneth Hymmer (Co-publisher), Vicky Olson (Executive Director of HAMS - Co-publisher), Pierre Moulin (Author) and Mrs Nina and Colonel Gene Castagnetti (Director of Punchbowl National Memorial of the Pacific)

Photos by Lacy - www.virtupix.net

A History of....


Arlington of the Pacific

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Punchbowl - Arlington of the Pacific

Preface by Lt Governor of Hawaii James "Duke" Aiona Jr.

Prologue by Daniel Martinez - Pacific War Historian

Epilogue by Col. Gene Castagnetti - Director of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

From the table of content:

The Earliest History

Punchbowl as a Fort under the Monarchy

Punchbowl Fort from 1898 to 1947

The origins of the Cemetery

The Korean Conflict

Vietnam War

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific: A guide

Religious emblems on the markers

The Columbarium

Memorial Walk

The Courts of the Missing

The Memorial with the detail of the battles of the Pacific and the Korean War

Medal of Honor recipients

Notable personalities interred in Punchbowl

Special ceremonies in Punchbowl

and more, and more....