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Pierre Moulin (Auhtor) with Hawaii's Governor Neil Abercrombie

Pierre Moulin is a WWII historian, Author of several books in English as US Samurais in Bruyeres - Dachau, Holocaust and US Samurais - Punchbowl, Arlington of the Pacific - Fort DeRussy, US Army Museum of Hawai'i and three new books now available : American Samurais, WWII in Europe, WWII in the Pacific and WWII Camps.

Father of two boys Sebastien and Martin, Pierre Moulin was born in Bruyeres-in-Vosges on November 1, 1948, his passion for his region and human contact led him to take care of many activities in his native town, both in the business and the sports areas.

At 20 he discovered America along a three-month trip on Greyhound buses: 10.000 miles all over the States where he picked up his « pidgin » English.  He then became part of « Visages du Monde » (Faces of the World) for 7 years, when he traveled all over the World and wrote several books in french.

Hawaii was one of his first objectives in 1969. His active participation during the festivities of the 25th anniversary of the liberation as interpreter and vice-president of the sister city  between Bruyeres and Honolulu involved himself deeply in these unique relationships. Seven years later he brought, for the first time, a group of Bruyerans to Honolulu for an unforgettable “Visite au Paradis” and created the Bruyeres-Hawaii Friendship Committee which established a new bond between the two sister cities: Bruyeres and Honolulu.

In 1975 on July 21 Pierre married Francine Gravier in Bruyeres and in 1978 Pierre move to Luxembourg to start a new life in the Pharmaceutical Business. On February 21 1980 his first son Sebastien Rene Moulin was born in the Clinic Bauler in Luxembourg.

When writing « Visite au Paradis », which was the title of his first book in 1976, he never pictured himself becoming the  historian who he is now. Since his young years, Pierre was fascinated by history. Historian of the City of Bruyeres, Pierre was directly involved in World War II through the story of his father, leader of the FFI and OSS agent who never talked. He discovered an incredible page of glory written by the US Samurais and resolved to publish it and to show to the entire world the legend of his heroes. He published successively: « U.S. Samourais en Lorraine », « Chronicle de Bruyeres-en-Vosges », « 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Vosges », « Guide du Chemin de la Paix et de la Liberte», « US Samurais in Bruyeres » in English, and « Bruyeres-en-Vosges, 2000 ans d'Histoire a travers ses rues ».

Working toward an accomplishment of his vision of the future, he created in 1989 the Peace and Freedom Trail on the path of the 100/442nd RCT with a view to forever imprint the mark of the US Samurais onto Bruyeres soil. He worked hard to help the American of Japanese ancestry get the well deserved recognition of their wartime contributions, which was finally made into a Civil Liberties Act by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. In 1997, for the 50th anniversary of the 442nd Memorial made by his grandfather, he made a replica of the plaque to be placed on the top of the Memorial Walk at Punchbowl.

His marriage with Francine came to an end smoothly and they went to a divorce even if they staid in contact as Sebastien remain  with his mom for then. I was with a new companion Francoise Vigneron and I went to live in Belgium near Bastogne for some years and I got my second son Martin Pierre-Maxime Moulin on August 18,1998, born in Differdange in Luxembourg. Finally Francoise and Pierre got married at Braine L'alleud in Belgique and they soon move back to Luxembourg at the "Castle of Doncols".

With the Jewish heritage of his wife, Pierre continued his research about the participation of the US Samurais in the liberation of Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp and wrote Dachau, Holocaust and US Samurais.  For his contribution as member of Visas for life, Organization who search the diplomats who saved the Jews in WWII, he received for the State of Israel, the commemorative medals of Raoul Wallenberg, Sempo Sugihara and Karl Lutz.

 Coming to Hawaii, his second home, he pursued his search for untold history. Volunteer in the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii, he decided to write the history of Hawaii in a new series. Fort DeRussy, U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii was published in May 2008 and his new book  about Punchbowl, Arlington of the Pacific is now on the market. In 2010 Pierre appeared in the new movie "442 live with honor Die with dignity" and will be in another one in spring 2011. IN December 2011, he published at Socrates Institute Press two new books about his nisei heroes: American Samurais WWII in Europe and WWII in the Pacific. and a third book to complete the Nisei trilogy WWII  Camps

Pierre was made an Honorary Citizen of many cities in the United States, as Fresno (California), San Antonio (Texas) and Honolulu (Hawaii).  Honorary and Life member of the Go For Broke National Ass., the National Japanese American Historical Society, as well as the Military Intelligence Service North California, he is also proud to be an Honorary Member of K company 100/442nd RCT (The most decorated unit in American History) as well as of the Texas 141st Regiment of the US 36th Division (The famous Fort Alamo Regiment).

In November 2013 Pierre was named Honorary Museum Historian by the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii and in november 2014 Honorary Member of the 8th STB NCO Corps of the U.S. Army.