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American Samurais - WWII

Europe, Pacific and Camps

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American Samurais - WWII Camps

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Coming Soon - Third volume of The Nisei Trilogy.


First published as Dachau, Holocaust and US Samurais, this book contains the list and the pictures of the men of the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion Nisei who was the first American unit to reach the first Nazi Concentration Camp but was denied to liberate the inmates ??? Hundred pictures of the 10 Camps for the American of Japanese Ancestry and the Live and Death in the Nazi Death camps in Europe.

American Samurais - WWII in the Pacific

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American Samurais – WWII in the Pacific

Military Intelligence Service

The Best Kept Secret Weapon.

by Pierre Moulin.


From Pearl Harbor to Victory in the Pacific,all the battles in detail through their heroes in a new non-fiction pictorial book.


Nisei soldiers all over with the M.I.S., the O.S.S. and the Counter Intelligence Corps, MIS Linguist schools, Battles in the Pacific, A bombs, Surrender & War Crimes Trials, Occupation of Japan, and more.

222 pages – 327 pictures – Soft Cover


American Samurais – WWII in Europe

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American Samurais – WWII in Europe

100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team

The Most Decorated Unit in the USA.

by Pierre Moulin.


From Pearl Harbor to the Victory in Europe,all the battles in detail through their heroesin a new non-fiction pictorial book.


From the Internment Camps to Camp MacCoy and Shelby, Italy, France ,Bruyeres-Vosges & the rescue of the Lost Battalion, Champagne Campaign, Back to Italy, 522nd Field Artillery first in Dachau Germany, the Niseis honored, and more

216 pages – 327 pictures – Soft Cover



Fort DeRussy - US Army Museum of Hawaii

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Fort DeRussy

U.S. Army Museum of Hawai’i

In 1906, he Royal duck-hunting grounds in Waikiki were transformed into armed battery with walls so solid they could withstand a direct hit from a 2,000-pound artillery shell: Fort DeRussy. Sine then Fort DeRussy has served in number of army conflicts as part of a constellation of forts: “The Ring of Steel”. Today, Fort DeRussy is the site of the U.S. Army Museum of Hawai’i, documenting the military presence in Hawai’i, honoring the soldiers of the 100/442nd RCT and commending the men and women fighting the different conflicts and the current War on terror.


ISBN 978 1 56647 850 2 – 74 pages color - $ 18.95


US Samurais in Bruyeres

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U.S. Samurais in Bruyeres

People of France and Japanese Americans: Incredible story

The Most decorated Unit in the History of the U.S. , the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team liberated Bruyeres in France and rescued the Texas “Lost Battalion” for ONE of the TEN Most Important Battles of the History of the United States. The Battle and the incredible friendship who made Bruyeres-in-Vosges the sister city of Honolulu Hawaii. A reference book for the Nisei generation  from Pearl Harbor to the Redress.


ISBN 2 9599985 05 – 375 pages - Hardbound - SOLD OUT


Dachau, Holocaust and US Samurais

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Dachau, Holocaust and U.S. Samurais

Nisei soldiers first in Dachau ?

This non-fiction book, without concessions, is not only informative, it is also a memoriam for those who suffered, lived and died under the Nazi regime. This book made to keep alive this page of inhumanity of the History of the World, should not be forgotten and may interest those who lived through the tragedy and their descent or those who are interested in the World War II real history. In this book you will find the proof that the Japanese Americans of the 522nd Field Artillery were the FIRST at the gate of Dachau and their story in the U.S. where they were interned in 10 concentration camps.


ISBN 978 1 4259 3801 7  – 212 pages B&W - $ 49.50


Punchbowl - Arlington of the Pacific

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Punchbowl – Arlington of the Pacific

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific


The history of Punchbowl tells the story of the place from its early days as a site of ancient rituals, to when it was a fort for the Hawaiian Kingdom and gun battery during the uncertain years of World War II, to its current role as a sacred and honored memorial for America’s heroes. The story of noble and heroic deed becomes evident in the Garden Courts of the Missing and the graphic Map Galleries with the history of battles fought and sacrifice made.


ISBN 978 0 9755210 0 7 – 84 pages color - $ 19.95