In october 2010, Phyllis Murakawa came to film me for a new movie about the 442nd in Bruyeres.

Her project team, Teach and educate America for the next millennium want to produce  this new film for mid-2011

and is mainly interviews of people as well as some pictures of the 65th anniversary of the liberation in Bruyeres.

We are waiting for it.

In July 2010, a new movie about the 442nd RCT came out and the TV Crew from Hollywood came to interview me in Hawaii.

I appeared for a couple of minutes in the documentary who was first shown in Little Tokyo on july 25th, 2010 in Los Angeles.

The documentary is part of the exhibit called "Go for Broke" in Ellis Island New York and could be seen at the opening ceremony on August 8th, 2010

Film maker Shinichi Suzuki named it 442-Live With Honor, Die with Dignity

I  got a charming email from an assistant producer:

Hello. My name is Minako Tsuda. I'm an assitant producer of the film "442-Live With Honor, Die with Dignity-"
I would like to thank you for your cooperation with our film. We couldn't have come this much far without your support.
We have done all the shooting last year and right now we are editing the footage.
I am happy to announce that we are heading to the completion of this film by April this spring, and then
theatrical screenings are scheduled in this summer. 
We will let you know the detail, but for this time, please take your moment to visit our official website.
We recently updated it. I hope it will help you have an idea of what is happening to "442" project.
Again, thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to us.
Very Best Regards,

Minako Tsuda

United Television Broadcasting Systems
6779 Hawthorn Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028

Assistant Producer
"442-Live with Honor, Die with Dignity-"