Hawaii Discoveries by Pierre Moulin Ebook

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Incredible ! The proof of the discovery of the Hawaiian Island was written in French by the Governor of the Marianas to Charles De Varigny testifing that Juan Gaetano discovered the Hawaiian archipelago in 1555, 223 years before Cook. All the proofs in pictures, letters, globes and 16 maps prior to Cook . The missing piece found by Pierre Moulin in an incredible story with A Brief history of the people of Hawai'i. ONLY available in PDF in E Book.


Hawai'i discoveries, my new book is almost done.

Hawai’i discoveries will revolutionize the history of the Hawaiian Islands.

 If it is now commonly accepted that is was not Christopher Colombus who was the first European  in the new World but the Vikings with Leif Erikson and Erik “the red”. Pierre brough here a new light of the discovery of the Hawaiian Islands, 223 years before James Cook , an Italian navigator named Juan Gaetano or Gaytan sailing first for the Portuguese and finally for the Spanish, discovered the Hawaiian archipelago in 1555. Pierre accidentally found the written proofs of the Spanish discovery in the Hawai’i State Archives.

 The book starts with a rapid presentation of the Hawaiian Islands and some practical information: The pictures of the leaders starting with the Hawaiian Monarchy to the new governor. The history of the two flags, the great seal of Hawai’I, Hawai’i Ponoi and the Hawaiian facts.

 Then, follows the chronology of the Portuguese and Spanish discoveries in the Pacific with some untold information about Australia and New Zealand. How Pierre found the proofs about Gaetano and the details of those proofs with some incredible connections.

 The third voyage of the Captain James Cook covers the British re-discovery of the Hawaiian Islands and the death of one of the greatest navigators of all times in Kealakekua is told in detail.

 A Short History of the Hawaiian Islands from the first settlers to Hawai’i Statehood will give you a lot of selected information about the life in the islands.


The first book ever about Hawaii telling the untold discoveries of the Archipelago by the Spanish then the British and a Short History of Hawaii.