Pierre Moulin at his desk signing his books at the US Army Museum of Hawaii in Fort DeRussy with sister Charlette Pouilhes visiting from France.

A History of...

Fort De Russy

US Army Museum of Hawaii

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In 1906, the Royal duck hunting grounds in Waikiki were transformed into armed Battery with walls so solid they could withstand a direct hit from a 2,000 pound artillery shell: Fort DeRussy.


Since then, Fort DeRussy has served in a number of armed conflicts, as part of a constellation of forts, a “Ring of Steel” protecting Pearl Harbor and Honolulu.


The Fort was named after Rene DeRussy, engineer heros of the Battle of Platsburg in 1812. He design the first disappearing gun carriage, set up the defensive positions of San Francisco and spent 59 years in the Army.


Today, Fort DeRussy is the site of the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii. The museum features galleries documenting the military presence in Hawaii, honoring soldiers of the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team, and commending the men and women fighting the current war on terror.


In a perfect time line you will go through the time from Kamehameha the great to the Vietnam War with to end a fabulous exhibit dedicated to General Eric Shinseki, a local boy from Kauai who became the 34th Chief of Staff.


Find all of this and more in this concise, well-illustrated book