Dachau, Holocaust and US Samurais

Dachau, Holocaust and US Samurais

Nisei Soldiers First in Dachau

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Dachau, Holocaust and US Samurais

In "Dachau, Holocaust and U.S. Samurais: Nisei Soldiers First in Dachau?" , historian Pierre Moulin explores the horrors of the Holocaust, the history of the Dachau concentration camp and the role that Japanese-Americans played in the war effort for the United States.

"Dachau, Holocaust and U.S. Samurais" begins with a detailed history of Dachau including the rules, punishments, daily activities and working conditions of the camp, as well as the various medical experiments performed on the prisoners. Disease, torture and death are exposed in the graphic pictures of the death chambers, ovens and torture devices. Moulin's compelling new book also includes information on the International Liberation Committee and its members. The author discusses the committee's role within the Dachau camp, preparing and organizing the prisoners for the expected arrival of the Allied forces.

For more than 60 years debate has raged concerning which U.S. battalion was the first to arrive at Dachau. Moulin offers persuasive proof in this report that the men of the 522nd Field Artillery battalion were the first on the scene. This battalion was of special interest to the author, as he learned in recently discovered documents that these soldiers were classified as "Americans of Japanese Ancestry" or AJAs. The history of AJAs and their role in the U.S. Army after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 is revealed in detail as Moulin discusses the arrest, deportation and incarceration of people who were prepared to defend their adoptive country during WWII. The author includes comprehensive maps and extensive photographs of the 10 internment camps that were located within the U.S. that held these displaced Japanese-Americans. Ironically, the first soldiers to arrive on the scene at Dachau had family members who were being detained at these camps within the U.S.

Moulin concludes his work with the recognition of individuals and diplomats honored as "Righteous Among the Nations" and the recipients of "VISAs for Life," as well as a look at the site of the Dachau concentration camp today. He strongly believes that this "page of inhumanity in the history of the world must never be forgotten."

Moulin was born and raised in Bruyeres, France. His passion for that region led him to a career in writing about the history of Bruyeres as well as that area's involvement in World War II. Over the years, Moulin has worked tirelessly to help AJAs receive recognition for their wartime contributions.

Nisei Soldiers first in Dachau?

Finally after 30 years of research I got the proof that the American soldiers of Japanese Ancestry were the first to hit the Main gate of Dachau, the first Nazi Concentration camp operational in March 1933.

 The first information came long time ago when my friend Chester Tanaka looking for information to publish his book Go For Broke in 1980’s found the dairy of a 522nd Field Artillery’s Sergeant Imamura who wrote in 1945 about liberating  the Concentration Camp of Dachau.

 All the information I got myself from the 522nd F.A, brought to me more shadow than light. Too many details were wrong and could not have happened. I was from the beginning very suspicious. All the research we made with Eric Saul and Barbara Distel in Dachau were without any result.

 Someone affirmed having be the witness of the destruction of the main gate lock with a carbine:  But the gate of the only entrance was opened when the day of  the liberation came. Others claimed seeing numerous inmates dying from starvation walking like skeleton inside the compound: But all the prisoners were inside their barracks following the orders of the International Liberation Committee worried about a mass murder by the new guards.

 One of them said that when he was in Dachau He immediately recognized Nartin Niemoller one of the most famous inmates in Dachau: But Niemoller was transferred six days before the liberation to the Tyrol Alps. Some had seen the remains of corps burning inside the ovens: But the German had a lack of coal and could not anymore burn the dead bodies long before the liberation…

 More than that, on April 29th, 1945 the 45th Division US was fighting from dawn inside the Dachau’s SS camp and it would have been quiet impossible for them to miss the two Nisei jeeps. Looking for information in the National Archives in Washington DC I have to state that there were no document for the 552nd FA in April 1945. All the months of the war were there except April 45!  I became more and more suspicious.

 Only one fact was unquestionable the 522nd Field Artillery was near Dachau on April 29, 1945.

 It was a providential meeting with the best friends of my Mother-in-law that gave me the elements I needed so much. Lazare “Zouzou” Perez, President of the Survivors of Auschwitz had knowledge of my work about Dachau and the Holocaust. He told me that I had to contact immediately his friend Arthur haulot who created the International Liberation Committee inside Dachau and who will be the most reliable source for my story. Another friend of my wife Eliane Buyle put me in contact with Arthur Haulot. Blind, Arthur Haulot kept all his memory and told me what happened the DAY before the liberation on April 28, 1945.

 In the morning of the 28th, the sirens blown for a first very special alert. Five times five minutes sirens with short stops. This type of alert signified that the enemy was in sight. Some minutes later a second same alert blown again. But they were no American in sight. Arthur Haulot was posted with his friend and compatriot Pat O’Leary President of the International Committee of Liberation in position inside the barrack A looking at the only entrance of the camp. Both saw clearly around 2 or 3 pm, a first American jeep followed by a second vehicle that stopped in front of the Main Gate. The guards in post remained silent.

 The two jeeps that just appeared disappeared immediately without coming inside the camp with a great disappointment for Haulot and O’Leary. A polish inmate seeing the Americans going away ran in direction of the gate crossing the Roll Call place. The guards who didn’t move when the jeeps came, probably gaining confidence shot the poor inmate  who deadly hit on the head fell down against the door under the eyes of Haulot and O’Leary.

 The 522nd Scouts sent their report to the U.S. Headquarter and later two reconnaissance planes flew over the compound. The 45th Division ready to liberate the capital of the German Beer, Munich was relieved from his mission to go back to Dachau for taking care of the concentration camp with a great disappointment for Colonel Felix Sparks.

 Haulot and Pat O’Leary had already taken control of the destiny of the Camp with their International Liberation Committee dealing with the Commandant of the Camp Martin Weiss. The relief of the guards changed everything and the ILC had no other option that to keep all the prisoners inside the barracks.

 The two alerts were never explained as NO ONE American Unit was close to Dachau that day except the 522nd  F.A. As the main Unit of the 522nd FA was nearby it more than possible that the scouts of the unit could have been there. But why the 552nd scouts didn’t go inside to liberate the camp? In fact, they had received strict orders to leave immediately the camp. The U.S. Headquarter knew that the 522nd F.A< was composed exclusively by American of Japanese Ancestry and most of them were still parked in Concentration Camp themselves in the Mainland. Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp and his liberation would be in fact a major event in WWII. They could not let the journalist interviewed those unlikely liberators. How the world would accept the existence of Concentration Camps on the Mainland USA when they liberated the Nazi’s Death camps? The 522ns scouts had to leave and keep their mouths shut.

 There is no doubt now that the two alerts were provoked by the arrival of the two 522nd jeeps. They probably could have entered the SS camp without been spotted because of the extreme confusion due to the in and out traffic between the guards leaving in a hurry and the new guards coming under the command of Lieutenant Heinrich Winkler. Patrolling the two jeeps spotted the concentration camp reminded them a familiar structure: Watch towers with the machine guns directed inside the camp, babble wire with electricity and lines of barracks…

 The scouts were very often in reconnaissance mission one day before the arrival of the main unit. The dairy of Sgt Imamura related the liberation of Dachau on the 29th confirm the presence of the unit there. We know now that the Imamura’s dairy could not have been the Main camp of Dachau but probably a sub-camp near Kaufering. But it confirmed a strong possibility that the Scouts was there inside the range of operation. As they never got inside the Concentration Camp itself the Nisei of the 522nd  F.A.could not be considered as the first liberators of Dachau.

 The first official liberators were two journalists Peter Fuchs and Marguerite Higgins in the jeep driving by Will Cowling of the 42nd Rainbow Division. Marguerite Higgins wrote on May 1, 1945 that to come inside the Concentration Camp of Dachau, they had to remove the body of an inmate lying against the door and killed the day before the liberation when he was running after Americans. Here was another proof that they arrived after the Nisei of the 522nd Field Artillery.

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