American Samurais - WWII Camps

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Third book about the Nisei trilogy by Pierre Moulin. The 522nd Field Artillery was the first to reach Dachau (the first Nazi concentration camp). Coming from the camps in the USA those Nisei was denied to liberate the inmates for unknown reason. Inside the reader will find the story of the camps, the Holocaust and their survivors and lot more in pictures.

 In a few days a new movie called "Walking with the enemy" will come on the big screen. It is the story of the Swiss diplomat Karl Lutz who in Budapest in 1944-45 saved 60.000 Jews from extermination. I told his story in the chapter "Visas fro Life" in my new book "American Samurais- WWII Camps. You can order the book directly through www.authorhouse.com or in the USA calling the toll free number 1 888 280 7715 ordering the title number 286707. Don't miss. You could also go to the page for more info.

In April 2013 I spoke about the Holocaust and my last book American Samurais - WWII Camps for the US Air Force in Hickam Field AFB. My last words were Never Again. I suddenly got a flash. Machiavel in his book called Technic of the attempt for the Power gave the receipt for having the power: First you pick the minority the most hatred in the country, second you mark them, third you arrest them next you concentrate them, you create an army and you announced that you will take care of the problem and you got the power. It worked very good in WWII when Hiter pick up the Jews. Using the same words as Hitler I will be prophet today. Let see our future. I guess that the Jews have learned and won't wear a second time the Yellow star of David. There wil be a group very easy to reconize in Europe:The Christians. They already marked themselves with the Cross of Jesus, and you can bet that number of christian will denied Jesus to save their lives like the Fisherman did three times, it will be easy to arrest them when they got out of the church on sunday morning. No problem to place them in ghettos, the Muslims will be the one to put an army and will have a leader who will say someday, don't worry I will take care of the Christian Problem.
Following the statement of Martin Niemoller, the prostestans won't speak, they are not Christians.The Jews will be so happy to be not picked this time, won't speak too. the Chinese no problem for them, the Indians neither. The Africans and South Americans have no power to speak. The only one who probably will speak will be the Americans but not right away, they will wait and see first. and here we are again, Please think about that before it will be too late.
Never Again, but...